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http://camilleutterback.com/vitae/bio/ “Camille Utterback is an internationally acclaimed artist and pioneer in the field of digital and interactive art. Utterback’s work explores the aesthetic and experiential possibilities of linking computational systems to human movement and physicality in visually layered ways. Her work focuses attention on the continued relevance and richness of the body in our increasingly mediated world. To create her projects, Utterback combines various sensing and display technologies with the custom software she writes. Whether expressed in the form of architectural-scale projections, custom LED lighting, or intimate sculptures with embedded LCD screens, Utterback’s work engages participants in a process of embodied discovery as they explore the possibilities and behaviors of her physically engaged systems.”

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http://camilleutterback.com/projects/text-rain/ http://camilleutterback.com/projects/word-play/

- “For this commission, Utterback responded to the librarians’ and the architects’ desire to create a piece that the community could take part in by making *Text Rain* into an open-ended platform to incorporate Fontana children’s artwork, and descriptions of these drawings.  Utterback created a custom web-based content management system to allow the librarians to upload and organize drawings, create thematic groupings, and update the installation with a currently running group of drawings and text. Librarians can organize drawing sessions with children, then upload the drawings to a database and tag each drawing with the children’s descriptions. Since drawings or sets of drawings can be saved and added to over the years, eventually the piece will become an archive representing different generations of children who have visited the library.”

http://camilleutterback.com/projects/light-field/ Light Field

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