W05_Toolkit Question


  • What would be 3-5 keywords that capture the visuals? Are there archives, online galleries, exhibitions that published or still publish arts with the same keywords?


  • What is the name of techniques or computer science fields that relate to this visual output?
  • Who were the people around the artist? Do they considered themselves part of a movement?


  • What was the medium the artist was using and how does it differ from today’s available medium?
  • Can you use the same hardware, software, language, technique, process to reenact the artist experience?


  • Is this artist a pioneer? Why? How? What does that mean? Why does it matter?
  • What was the time period the artist was working in, what was the historic moment they lived in, what society surrounded the artist?


  • What part of society the artist was representing or actively choosing to not represent? Who was on the other side?
  • What kind of political tensions was the artist involved in? What is today's unfolding of this tension?

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