Quirkbot Robot Race: FabLab@School March 2015

I went to Vejle with Carl Bärstad to join a national conference of schools who had or wanted to have a FabLab at their schools. We ran a workshop with a classic Quirkbot activity: build a moving creature with Strawbees and a pre-programmed Quirkbot in 20 to 30 minutes. After the creatures were built, we suggested a few competitions like races or battles, so participants could interact with each other's creations.

A wide range of people attended to the workshop: Children, parents, teachers and other members of the school who were there to help decide on budgets for schools to invest in technology education.

I found this to be a quite unique opportunity to learn from so many different perspectives about what people were expecting from the workshop and from the Quirkbots we were using. I was specially happy that we were able to have fun with everyone who participated!

We were also talking about Kids Hack Day and Quirkbot on a booth next to other fantastic projects and companies such as Lego.