Software Engineer / Creative Technologist

Here is a selection of works I had a role as software engineer, fullstack web developer, creative technologist, devops, consultant or everything at the same time.

2018-03-01: Punanimation Directory

Punanimation Directory

Punanimation is a community with over 2000 women, trans and non-binary friends from all over the world, working within the many different fields and specializations of animation and motion graphics.

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2017-02-01: Reykjavik Fashion Festival

Reykjavik Fashion Festival

I worked with a ridiculously talented team from Serious Business on a tool to explore and export visuals related to one of the natural elements present in the Reykjavik's Fashion Festival brand: Wind.

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2017-01-01: Blend Website

Blend Website

I had the pleasure to work on Blend's website and bring to life a great idea: What if each attendee could create their own custom character that would appear on the home page? That way, the attendees could get to know a bit more about who else was coming and start setting up the mingling mood, months ahead of the event!

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2016-01-01: Sticky Radio

Sticky Radio

Sticky Radio was the result of a consultancy and prototyping work for Sveriges Radio Ressearch and Development department. The goal was to explore the idea of what could be a "seamless experience" between digital and traditional radio broadcasting.

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2014-03-01: Urbanears Radioheads

Urbanears Radioheads

Urbanears Radio Heads was a live streamed tournament with youtubers racing each other with radio controlled heads to dramatize the freedom of wireless listening.

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2014-02-01: Urbanears Pigeon Bingo

Urbanears Pigeon Bingo

Urbanears Pigeon Bingo was a bingo style game where pigeons shit on the washable headphones to call the numbers.

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2014-01-01: Guessing Game

Guessing Game

While working at Oakwood I did a few projects involving a guessing game for song releases. The basic concept is that you would listen to the instrumental version of the song and guess the lyric.

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