Building Log

I like to build things out of atoms and bits and here are some logs from the things I build:

2019-12-30: Microcosmic Journal 2017-2019

Microcosmic Journal 2017-2019

Experiments with microscopy and taxonomy of protists. Maybe I can even call it my hobby.

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2019-09-15: Pixel32


Self hosted experience for MicroPython on Kano's Pixel Kit

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2019-02-03: New Year's Experiment

New Year's Experiment

Using a 3D printer to print frames of a stop motion animation.

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2018-10-21: Fabulous remote control

Fabulous remote control

Revisiting one of my favourite childhood game but as a grown up kid.

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2018-09-25: WebREPL on ESP32

If the WebREPL just worked for the ESP32… Oh, well... Now it works!

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2018-09-01: Webrepl.js

Javascript library to interact with MicroPython WebREPL

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2018-05-16: Retail Pixel Kit - A MicroPython Journey

Retail Pixel Kit and it's a retail oriented redesign of the "Kano 2" Kickstarter Pixel Kit. It features the ESP32 as a replacement for the Banana Pi brains and it's a perfect MicroPython device!

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